Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

We repair, test and clean all types of hearing aids. Whether you have had the device for years or days, our staff is ready to help find the problem and solve it. We can also give instructions on the use and care of your device. While hearing aids are made to last with the best materials and workmanship, they are delicate in some ways. Whether you have an invisible hearing aid or wear a larger style, it’s crucial you understand how to care for your device to prevent any potential issues down the road. 

Hearing aid troubleshooting

Hearing aids are fine electronic instruments that are used daily by most owners. Audio Hearing Aid Service, LLC, sells and repairs the finest hearing instruments available. When you purchase a device from our professionals, you’ll be provided with instructions on proper use and care. 

Despite routine maintenance and responsible storage, some wear and tear can occur to the device because of aging and regular use. Tiny wires inside the device can break, stopping the amplification of sound entirely. While it is often simply a need for cleaning or adjustment, your hearing aid could need repair at an authorized center. We will take care of that, too.

Those who use batteries in their devices might break the small door that opens and closes the battery into the devices. It’s also possible to inadvertently get the hearing aid wet which (like a cellphone) is a destructive event.

One of the best ways to keep your hearing aid in top shape is to clean it regularly. Proper maintenance allows you to restore your hearing aid’s condition, as well as assess the outside for any physical damage. 

Hearing aid repairs

Many problems with your hearing aid can be solved in our office. Cleaning and testing usually reveal the problem. Repairs can often be done while you wait. In order to see if your device needs repairs, always go through a checklist first:

  • Check the device to be sure it is turned on
  • Turn the volume up as far as you can
  • Check the battery or insert a new one
  • Check the tubing if you have a BTE device
  • The time to repair your hearing aids will vary, but every repair order is given a priority

If you’re experiencing any issues with your hearing aids, our staff is happy to assist you in the repair or replacement process.