Hearing Care Services

At Audio Hearing Aid Service, LLC, we’re proud to offer the services you need to make your hearing health a priority. From extensive testing services to hearing aid fitting and dispensing, we offer a gamut of care services to ensure you get the most out of your appointment with our professionals.

  • Earwax Removal

    One of the “specialties” in working with hearing is the care of the ears, especially earwax removal. Do-it-yourself earwax cleaning can be dangerous to your inner ears. We can quickly see and remove excess earwax that has become a problem.

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  • Evaluation for Hearing Aids

    Our evaluation process begins with a standard hearing test but continues through many hearing situations that present a detailed summary of your hearing loss. Wearing a hearing aid involves comfort and capabilities, too. Are some too large or too small? The device must be powerful enough to help you but designed for your comfort.

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  • Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

    Not all people with hearing problems get a hearing aid. Some hearing loss is temporary, although this is a low percentage of cases. Your loss may require the use of hearing aids.

    Our main job is to diagnose your hearing ability, then recommend and fit the best hearing aid for your individual needs. There are many types and sizes of hearing devices available, and more are developed every year. Your choice depends on several factors.

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  • Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

    Another big reason to see a professional hearing specialist is that we care for your devices after purchase. We test and clean your hearing aids periodically; we adjust them with changes to your hearing ability; we also recommend changes to other hearing aids. Also, if something goes wrong, we can usually fix it here at our office. Repairs and maintenance are important to every hearing aid.

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  • Hearing Tests

    Many people experience hearing problems as they age or are exposed to long periods of loud sound, and usually both. Aging is the top reason for hearing loss, but, as it is with most medical conditions, every person has individual symptoms and levels of hearing acuity. This is one reason to get your hearing tested by professional hearing instrument specialists.

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