Hearing Aids

Hearing devices have evolved into powerful, computer-driven technology that performs many functions. Along with amplifying sound – considered the primary function – hearing aids can be used to wirelessly connect to other technology, provide some relief from tinnitus, answer cellphones and automatically adjust to sound changes.

Hearing aids come in many sizes and configurations, from tiny completely-in-the-ear-canal (CIC) to large, powerful two-part devices both in and outside the ear. Our quality manufacturers are unsurpassed in the innovation and design of these small electronic wonders. Here are our manufacturers:

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    Bluetooth-enabled Hearing Aids

    Connecting to sound devices is critical in our connected world. Our cell phones have become as necessary as our car keys – perhaps more. Bluetooth wireless hearing aids can be set to answer cell calls and call out. This service is available in most sizes and styles of hearing aid.

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    CaptionCall is a telephone instrument and service that prints ongoing text of a conversation across a large screen. The service and telephone are generally leased by the user and it is often covered by insurance. CaptionCall helps profoundly deaf people use a home telephone for regular calls.

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  • Cell Phone Accessories for Hearing Aids

    One valuable aspect of hearing aids is that they not only amplify and clarify sound for the user but can also connect to wireless devices like cellphones. Products made for this purpose are cellphone accessories and commonly include telecoils, neckloops, and earhooks.

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  • Hearing Aid Batteries & Maintenance

    Many hearing aids require batteries to function. Changing these small batteries used in hearing aids becomes part of the wearer’s everyday life. Batteries are available at Audio Hearing Aid Service, LLC. We can supply them with new hearing aids and with any repair or testing. Your hearing aids rely on a consistent power source to […]

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  • Hearing Aid Styles

    Hearing aids come in an array of shades and sizes, allowing you to find the solution that best accompanies your lifestyle and career. The most common styles include In-the-ear (ITE), Behind-the-ear (BTE), In-the-canal (ITC), Completely-in-canal (CIC), and Invisible-in-canal (IIC)

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  • Hearing Protection

    Many people are aware of the need for hearing protection but don’t know exactly the circumstances in which to use one product or another. It is recommended that people of all ages protect their hearing from sudden or continuous loud noises like those found in industrial buildings, concert venues and construction sites.

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    Phonak Hearing Products

    Phonak hearing products contain the latest technological and social adaptations for every hearing situation. “Life is on” at Phonak.

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    Signia Hearing Products

    Signia offers all types of hearing devices including rechargeable, wireless connecting and more.

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    Starkey Hearing Aids

    Starkey intends its products to make better hearing add to better living. Starkey features all types and sizes of hearing devices.

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